Anti-Fraud Awareness Campaign

Insurance fraud is an intentional act of deception, misrepresentation, or concealment perpetrated for the purpose of financial gain.

It can be committed at different points in an insurance transaction – by applicants, policyholders, or professionals providing services for claimants.

Insurance fraud is a serious crime - people stealing insurance money to which they aren’t entitled.

These crimes are not necessarily “hard” instances where people deliberately stage or invent an illness, accident, injury or other loss covered by an insurance policy.

Many are “soft” or “opportunity” crimes in which typically honest people tell “little white lies” that take the form of:

  • “Padding”, inflating, or exaggerating legitimate claims with the aim of covering deductibles or other out-of-pocket costs, or preventing medical or hospital care coverage ending
  • Misrepresenting or withholding facts on an insurance application in order to increase the likelihood of policy issue or to generate lower premiums

However, the cost of these “little white lies” is far from little. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that, conservatively, such crimes steal more than $80 billion each year.

86% of Americans know that such crimes lead to higher insurance costs for all consumers.

Our company has a long history of commitment to the highest standards in conduct and quality, and we are a proud member of New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud (NYAAIF).

Please remember that insurance fraud imposes a serious financial burden on us all. If you suspect criminal misconduct you may report it safely and anonymously in most cases to our Special Investigations Unit:

Call: 877-854-0033

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